Michaelius is a consulting company specialized in financial markets. Areas of expertise are sales, marketing and public relations.
No matter if you want to check your current sales funnel, sales strategy or prepare your business to work stably and successfully for the future, we work with you every step of the way.  We have a long-term view. We know that sometimes the next quarter seems challenging, but we look ahead, and even if it appears that you have the perfect set up today, it might have to change in the future to assure success and long-term stability.
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We provide tailor-made solutions to Insurances, Investment Managers, and Private and Municipal Banks. Our client portfolio ranges from listed companies to local niche providers. We are ambassadors and trusted advisors to our clients; their goals are our passion and priority.
Michaelius was founded to recall the values and methodologies, which matter to our clients – discretion, commitment, expertise, network, creativity and excellence in execution.
It is crucial for us to understand the goals and vision of our clients to support in every matter. These could be sales force strategies, redesigns or changes of target groups. Mandatory regulations are vital to every step of the way, and our network includes the right specialists to fulfill them.
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  • Salesforce implementation / redesign

  • Regulatory framework

  • Fund set up

  • Creation of sales material

  • due dilligence of current sales funnels

  • sales strategy development

  • target group definition and lead generation

  • scalable sales reporting and effort measurements

  • implementation and change management training & workshops

  • leadership training and coaching