Michael Schütt was born in 1969 in Wiesbaden, Germany. After his educational career, which included economics, he worked eleven years with Deutsche Bank, eight years with Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley and Citigroup in private wealth management. In 2005 he stepped into the fund industry and developed sales teams, strategies, and success for Invesco, BNY Mellon, Carmignac Gestion and DJE for the past twelve years in various senior positions. His areas of expertise are Sales, Marketing, PR and regulations in the European fund market. 2017 marks the start of his venture: Michaelius Consulting. The reason was the broad network and the need of the market to service clients, markets and regulations more efficiently. In the first year, multiple investment companies and insurances are among his clients. Michael works with a broad range of specialists around Europe, UK, and the US to ensure that the right people work the right task. Michaelius is based in Munich, with a subsidiary in Frankfurt.